Protecting your estate, your dependents, and your assets is a process.  The foundation is good planning.  What do you need to do to provide for your children or other dependents if something happens to you?  That's where a sound strategy comes in -- we need to develop a strategy together that takes into account my knowledge of the law, and your knowledge of your family relations and financial assets.  What are the best possible results you want for your family and your money if anything happens to you, and how can they best be accomplished, legally?  You may be surprised to learn the strategies that will work best for you.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss it!  Click Here to Book Online

Free Initial Phone Consultation


Infinity Estate Law Group offers your family a free consultation to discuss your family and financial situation, what you'd like to happen if anything happens to you.  Who will care for your dependents?  Who will manage your assets?  You'll co-create a plan together.

Family Estate Planning Session


Once Infinity knows what you want to happen should anything happen to you, and they've reviewed the details of your situation, they can work with you to develop a strategy for making sure it happens, legally.  They'll develop the legal forms and documents needed. 

Trust Review and Update


The immediate result of working with Infinity will be peace of mind, the freedom to enjoy your life and your family without worry.  The long- term result is that your children and any other dependents will be properly protected and cared for should anything happen to you.

You are unique and so will be your estate planning documents. We pride ourselves on not printing out cookie-cutter legal documents.  Instead, we spend as much time as you need to listen to your concerns and plan for your family needs. 


Our job is to ensure that your estate planning documents achieves the best outcomes in terms of tax planning, long term goals and protection from sibling rivalry, disputes or unexpected circumstances. 

Estate planning is a RELATIONSHIP, not a transaction!

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