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Nicolette Von Wiegandt

Business Owner, Honolulu

Mike and I are happy with our estate plans that include trust agreements, and...were pleased and relieved with the ease, professionalism and family-friendly environment offered.


Louise Taylor

Musician, Kailua

I've worked with many other lawyers in the past, and Julie's straightforward approach sets her apart from the rest.  I appreciated her professionalism and extensive knowledge of estate planning.

Mother and Baby on the Beach

Isabelle I.,

Business Owner, Ewa Beach 

Infinity Estate Law Group impressively took care of our Living Trust needs!  Julie Suen quickly earned our complete trust, and we were confident in her abilities.  She answered all our questions and addressed our concerns thoroughly and completed all required paperwork accurately and in minimal time.  Further, she had a deep understanding of the processes and made it easy for us to understand what to do after a life-changing event. 

"Infinity Estate Law Group is incredible!  Julie Suen helped my parents with all of their estate planning needs. She sat down with us, listened to our issues, did a small class on trusts, and created the perfect INDIVIDUALIZED trust for my parents.

I learned two very important things through this experience. 1. A trust should be individualized for each situation.  2. Not all estate plans are created equal.  I have a trust created for my own new family and it does not even come close to the quality and detail Julie did.  My mother-in-law's trust is currently being redone by Julie after seeing what Julie can do. Most trusts are basically a carbon copy of a standardized trust. What stands out with Julie is that she personalizes a trust specifically for your family's needs. There are creative legal mechanisms for every concerned aspects of my parents legal situation. Seriously, do only the rich people have legal services like this?
I've gone through the trust process three times in my lifetime. It is night and day in the quality of the process and the legal results that Julie brings to the table. This is something important. This is protection for your family. Demand the best!!!
For Chinese speaking individuals, please see Julie. She will translate all that legal jargon to Chinese so that you have a full understanding of everything."               


"I am very fortunate and thankful to have found Julie's law firm. I had seen several estate planning firms and none of them could help me with my immediate complex needs.  I told Julie my situation and she jumped right into action, even working the weekend to meet my family needs.   The level of detail she went was far more than any of the other planners I worked with in the past. Her attention to detail paid off too.  It helped my family through a very difficult time.  If you don't have a plan or you need to update an existing one, you cannot go wrong with Infinity Estate Law Group LLLC.  Julie was a life saver and my family is so grateful for everything Julie has done for us. She is my family's advisor for life.  Mahalo Julie!"



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