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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I'm grateful that you're here! I encourage you to start by getting a copy of my free ebook "5 KEYS TO SAFEGUARDING YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE" An Easy Step-by-Step Guide On Essential Planning for Your Minor Children. This will be sent to your inbox along with periodic updates on how to best plan for your family. We will talk about everything related to planning an estate that truly provides for your family's safety and well-being.

I offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and how I can best serve you. If it seems like there are things I can do that would be important to you and your family, we can schedule an appointment to talk about the details and work out a plan for providing you with all the information, legal forms, and education you'll need to guarantee your estate is protected.


What will happen to your family if anything happens to you?  We help you make the best possible plans for them!

  • We help you choose the right guardians.

  • We help develop a plan for their financial support.

  • We show you how to avoid making critical mistakes in how you protect your children's interests.

  • We help you with long-term care planning.

  • Download our free step-by-step guide, and we'll also send you updates and additional information from time to time.


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